Rowan House: We Need Your Votes!

Rowan House is participating in the Aviva Community Fund Contest

The Aviva Community Fund would cover the costs of our food, basic necessities and client transportation budgets for the year. This would allow us to focus our fundraising efforts on the vital programming that will help break the cycle of violence for women and children utilizing the shelter, as well as for youth and women in the community.

But we need your help to become one of the 35 finalists!

Please take 5 minutes to register at so you can vote for our idea between October 10th-19th. When voting opens, visit our unique idea link: and cast all 18 of your votes. That’s right, you don’t have to return daily, you can do it all at once!

Each year, Rowan House admits roughly 200 women and children fleeing abuse. These families are dealing with severe trauma that can make it tough to just get through the day. It can also affect some women’s ability to hold a job. According to a 2015 study on Domestic Violence in the Workplace, nearly 40% of the respondents who experienced domestic violence said it made it difficult for them to get to work and 8.5% said they lost their jobs because of it. Financial Abuse is also present in many situations, meaning most women have little-or-no money to their name.

Meanwhile, women who leave a partner to raise children on their own are 5 times more likely to be poor than if they’d stayed. Some women will return to their partners because it may involve a choice between violence and poverty. [Canadian Women’s Foundation] Our goal is to reduce the risk of poverty by setting families up for success so when they complete our program they feel both stable and supported enough to not return to unhealthy relationships.

Rowan House must raise $800,000/year to cover the costs of our operations and programming not covered by our government funding and just a few minutes of your time could bring us $75,000 closer to that goal!