Rowan House Launching Leading Change Program for Boys and Men

Shelter Looking for Male Role Models to Partner in Presentations

rowan-house-bannerHigh River, AB – Rowan House Emergency Shelter is thrilled to announce plans to offer the Leading Change program in the Foothills. The program, developed by the Alberta Council of Women’s Shelters (ACWS), looks to partner with male community leaders and role models to create a cultural shift away from violence and towards safe and respectful relationships for all.

The shelter is currently recruiting men who believe in equality for women and social change, want to improve the health of their community and are interested in becoming strong facilitators or presenters. A three-day foundational training will be offered in the spring, and participants will then be able to work with Rowan House to co-facilitate Leading Change conversations for schools, sports teams and other clubs.

Leading Change presentations focus on real-life scenarios that help us recognize abusive behavior and develop the confidence and skills to interrupt behaviours that feed a culture of violence towards women. The curriculum is designed to give students, players and peers education on gender-based violence and inspire social action to counter and prevent it.

The majority of men are not violent; however statistics show that most of the violence in the world is perpetrated by men. “We know that sayings like ‘Man Up’ and ‘Be a Man’ promote a culture of violence and aggression,” says owan House Director of Programs, Carmen Taciune. “This has a serious negative effect on the relationships men have, and these attitudes needs to be challenged and changed.”

Rowan House is a hub of social justice; committed to strong community collaborations and equipping and supporting male and female leaders to create the cultural shift required to reduce and eventually eliminate the need for domestic violence shelters in the future.

Anyone interested in taking part in this training can call Rowan House’s Preventative Education Coordinator at 403-603-5996.

Rowan House Emergency Shelter provides crisis intervention, long-term support and education for those affected by family violence in rural communities.