Rowan House Could Use a Few Necessities

Rowan House is focusing on two items each month (one food related, one for house-maintenance), that we typically run low on and are in greater need of.

Did you know, Rowan House receives two-thirds of its funding from the government of Alberta? This funding primarily covers our in-shelter/crisis intervention work (staffing our 24-hour help line, counselling and support). It also covers approximately 14% of our food budget and 10% of the basic toiletries we provide to women and children upon their arrival, but we must fundraise to cover that shortfall.

When you generously donate these items, other financial donations can be directed toward programming, such as our Preventative Education work, which is also reliant on grants and donations. For the month of May, Rowan House is requesting Cold Cereal (preferably brands low in sugar) and Laundry Detergent Pods (any brand).

If you’re able to help, please or call 403-603-5998.

Thank you for your consideration!

In our 2017-2018 Fiscal Year, our amazing volunteers recorded 2,538.75 hours of service!!

These hours were related to activities such as events/awareness, child support, in-shelter support (driving, grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning),  and resident self-care activities (yoga, reiki, meditation, crafts, treat nights).

Rowan House is blessed and grateful to have such amazing support.

Thank you to everyone who contributed their time and talents.