Rhubarb Festival and Quilt Show 2017

Rhubarb Festival and Quilt Show 2017

Sheep Creek Arts Council – Quilt Show 

The Diamond Valley Quilt Club created some beautiful charity quilts. The charities these quilts will go to are Rowan House and the Children’s Hospital. Instead of presenting the quilts to the charities after the show as they have done in the past they will be on display for the summer in the Sheep River Library. If you missed the quilts on Saturday you have all summer to view these charity quilts. The Club also held a raffle for a beautiful table runner. The recipient of the raffle proceeds was Rowan House.

Table Runner raffle

Charity Quilts – the ones displayed on the walls will be donated to Rowan House and those on the table will go to the Children’s Hospital. The club members all had a hand in each quilt and the results are simply beautiful!

The rest of the quilts, created by individuals, were numbered so the attendees to the show could choose their favourites. Winner’s choice for both large and small were decided after all the votes were counted up. We will have the winners when they become available.

Could you choose a favourite?

Demonstration of a unique quilt. We were told this quilt would likely take two years to complete.
Canada 150 quilt projects

If you would like to learn to quilt or you have a project on the go and just need some encouragement to finish it you may want to join the Diamond Valley Quilt Club. Give Sheila a call at (403)931-3989 if you think this looks like a fun club to join. You can also take part in future charity quilts!

For more information on the clubs and courses at the Sheep Creek Arts Council check out their website!

Valley Neighbours’ Club – Plant Sale

There was another large variety of plants for sale outside during the Rhubarb Festival. Buyers were busy choosing the right ones for their gardens.

Rhubarb Tea and Bake Sale

The bake sale started at 11am with tea being served at 1pm. The bake sale is so popular that most of the goods are sold before the goodies are served up at the tea. Attendees to the tea were served their choice of Rhubarb Crunch or Rhubarb Pie, Rhubarb Punch and coffee or tea.

Did you follow Doug Lansdell and his antique truck over to the Festival following the parade in Black Diamond?