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Retirement of RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson

Statement from Commissioner Bob Paulson:

After what will be almost 39 years of service, 32 in the RCMP and five and a half as Commissioner, the time has come for me to retire. My last day of work will be June 30, 2017, and I am excited to be able to focus on my family.

This will give the Government time to identify my replacement and we will no doubt hear more about that in due course.

In the meantime though, we have some challenges and work ahead of us:

  • We must try to resolve these historical yet persistent harassment claims.
  • We will continue to build, expand and improve our nascent mental health strategy to preserve and restore our employees’ mental and emotional wellness.
  • We must continue to improve our workplace for all of our employees by focusing on respect, inclusiveness, tolerance and diversity.
  • In April, we will be tried on labour code charges arising from the murder of our colleagues in Moncton.
  • And, of course, I am committed to pursuing equitable pay and providing a modern labour relations framework for our employees.

No small list. These issues and those who follow them closely will make for a busy and challenging spring but we will – as we do – persevere in order that we can keep delivering on our primary mission – keeping Canadians safe and secure.

As I said when I was first appointed Commissioner in 2011, it is a profound honour and a privilege to be able to serve in this great Force alongside the good men and women who come to work each day and commit to this vital mission.

Bob Paulson

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