Red Deer Boy, 8, to Donate his Birthday Money to Veteran Charity

RED DEER, SEPTEMBER 22, 2016: Conner Pedwell isn’t your regular 8 year old. The Red Deer youngster has decided that he doesn’t want presents to celebrate his upcoming 9th birthday; instead, he wants his friends and family to donate to Vets Canada – a national, volunteer-led charity helping Veterans who are in-crisis, are at risk of becoming homeless, or are homeless. Conner comes from a long line of military, serving since WWII. “He told me that he wanted to donate his money instead of getting gifts because he doesn’t need presents – he has so many things and doesn’t need anything else,” says Conner’s mother, Tannis Cassin. “He said he wants everyone in the world to be treated the same, and so people who need things should get them from people who have those things and can afford to donate them. He wants to make sure the Veterans have everything they need…I am a very lucky mom. I have an amazing son for sure.”

Veterans Emergency Transition Services Canada (VETS Canada) uses 100% of the donations it receives to help Veterans in need. This can include helping Veterans move from the streets/shelters into affordable housing, connecting to needed health care, helping access benefits and services from other organizations, and helping secure suitable employment. “We were just so touched when Tannis informed us about Conner’s plans to donate his birthday money to VETS Canada,” smiles Debbie Lowther, VETS Canada Co-Founder and Chair. “Conner’s altruism is proof that each of us, even those of our younger generation, can play a part in supporting our Nation’s heroes to get back on their feet. Conner’s thoughtfulness means a great deal to us, to our volunteers, and to the Veterans we serve.”

 About VETS Canada:

VETS Canada’s hundreds of devoted volunteers provide emergency support, aid and comfort to Veterans in crisis (and their families) across Canada, addressing homelessness and other related concerns. Volunteers include Veterans and still serving members of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) and Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), their family members, and supporters of the larger community who believe in the charity’s mission. In 2014, VETS Canada became the Veterans Affairs Service Provider in the field of homelessness and in-crisis Veteran outreach. Visit for further information.