Recipe For 1,000% ROI in Victor Chiu’s New Book “Wall Street Kitchen”

Recipe For 1,000% ROI in Victor Chiu’s New Book “Wall Street Kitchen”

How a stay-at-home mother achieved riches while cooking!

A multi-genre book by Canadian investment celebrity Victor Chiu combines sound business analysis provided by his mother, along with some down-to-Earth delicious recipes in a slightly whimsical yet fundamentally educating and informing new release titled Wall Street Kitchen – The Recipe Behind a Housewife’s 1000% Stock Return.

Mrs. Chiu, an autodidact, gained experience with stock market investing and enjoyed sharing her revelations with her son, along with the latest delicacies from her kitchen. The combination of good advice coupled with savory meals made for a persona of a person which shaped Victor Chiu’s life in extraordinary ways.

His book celebrates the wisdom gained from his mother in which he shares with his readers, and fortunately at the end of the book are included recipes for the food so temptingly described.

A book that will satisfy your curiosity for sound financial modeling of investment strategies, while simultaneously making you hungry, Wall Street Kitchen has something for everyone. It teaches you to not follow the crowd and to trust your instincts – and stay with the plan for the long term. Advice on investing along with the double entendre theme analogy of food makes for a humorous read while humbly imprinting common sense principles for achieving success in the stock market.


Victor Chiu is an active stock and real estate investor. Victor graduated from the University of British Columbia in 2005, where he studied economic geography to obtain his B.A. A contributor to business media, he has been featured in the Harvard Business Review, U.S News & World Report, and He is a member of The American Association of Individual Investors, American Economic Association, and a member and frequent contributor to Canadian Money Forum. Victor enjoys camping, playing golf and badminton, and eating almost anything Mom cooks.