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Reality Check: NDP Cabinet Has No Clue it Signed up for New Crown Corporation

EDMONTON, AB: This week in Question Period, NDP Infrastructure & Transportation Minister Brian Mason indignantly denied that Alberta is creating a new Crown Corporation for procurement of infrastructure.

In the new Canada Free Trade Agreement, however, it explicitly states,

“Alberta gives notice of its intention to create a Crown corporation which will be responsible for all infrastructure procurement by the provincial government and which will be subject to the Crown corporation procurement thresholds.” (P.74)

Mason, and the entire NDP front bench, appeared to have no clue about the schedule of Alberta procurement exceptions.

“This government simply has no clue what it’s doing,” Wildrose Shadow Minister for Economic Development & Trade Prasad Panda, the member who asked the question in the first place, said. “They consistently take ideological actions in isolation failing to understand the ramifications of what they do – and Albertans are constantly the ones paying the price.”

Panda demanded Premier Rachel Notley provide immediate public answers to his questions.

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