RCMP Pincher Creek Update Wildfire Situation

Municipal District of Pincher Creek
Kenow Wildfire Update
September 13, 2017
1600 hrs

Fire map as of Sept 13, 2100 hrs


MD of Pincher Creek Emergency Services continue to work alongside Alberta Agricultural and Forestry and Parks Canada to battle the ongoing fire situation.

Currently, MD of Pincher Creek Emergency Services have 7 apparatus and 30 personnel deployed in the southern areas of the MD fighting the fire and suppressing hot spots.

Mandatory Evacuations:

– Remain in place for Castle Mountain Resort
– Remain in place for residents south of Highway 505 to Waterton Park

Limited Access:

– Residents from the Twin Butte area have been permitted limited access, for 2 hours from time of entry, to assess the condition of their properties and livestock
– Residents are asked to respect the 2 hour limit from time of entry to their properties and to again evacuate the area as soon as possible
– Residents in the Castle Mountain Resort area are NOT permitted access to their residences at the current time due to safety concerns

Fire Status:

– The fires are still burning; however, the perimeter size has not grown over the past several hours

Further Information:

– Updates will be posted to the MD of Pincher Creek website at: www.mdpinchercreek.ab.ca

– Updates will be manually posted at the Reception Centre located at:

– Vertical Church – 1200 Ken Thorton Blvd, Pincher Creek
– Reception Centre Phone #: 403-904-8016
– MD of Pincher Creek Administration Phone #: 403-627-3130

1214 hrs

An update from Pincher Creek Emergency Services:

– Chief Cox advised that the fire perimeter is no longer expanding in the South portion of the MD
– The crews are working on small internal fires
– Crews are also working to minimize the threats to structures that remain
– The threat to structures in considered minimal at this time
– There are no flames near any residential structures that remain intact in the area
– Structure protection work continues in the Castle Mountain area
– Castle Mountain Resort remains under mandatory evacuation and there is no access permitted in this area at this time.

Residents requiring assistance in moving livestock are encouraged to visit our website at www.mdpinchercreek.ab.ca for further information.

September 13, 2017
1000 hrs

A State of Local Emergency remains in place for the Municipal District of Pincher Creek No. 9

Mandatory evacuations remain in place at:

– South of Highway 505 to Waterton Park
– Castle Mountain Resort

283 residents have registered with the reception center.

Structural loss includes 5 residences, 5 outbuildings, 2 large sheds, 1 bridge on private property, fence lines, hay, and some power lines.

A reentry plan is being formulated, and this information will be forthcoming as it is finalized.

Weather patterns over the next two days are favourable, with a forecast of rain and little wind.

Local residents, in the Twin Butte area, are now permitted past the road blocks set up by RCMP. Residents will be required to register at the road block and provide their driver’s license to RCMP personnel. Residents will be permitted access to their properties for approximately two hours to check on their homes and livestock.

Castle Mountain Resort remains under mandatory evacuation and there is no access permitted in this area at this time.

September 12, 2017
0408 hrs

A voluntary evacuation alert was issued at 2215 hrs on September 11, 2017 due to the close proximity of the Kenow Wildfire to the Southern boundary of the Municipal District of Pincher Creek. The evacuation area was South of Township Road 3-0.

Due to the high speed of the winds and the aggressiveness of the fire, a mandatory evacuation notice was issued immediately following, at 2227 hrs.

The Emergency Operations Centre was opened at 2230 hr and a State of Local Emergency was declared for Division 1 at 2352 hrs.

The evacuation area was expanded to South of Spread Eagle Road with the second notice coming at 2336 hrs.

Due to the wind speeds of 76km/hr, the fire spread quickly and the evacuation area was expanded to South of Highway 505. This notice was issued at 0027 hrs on September 12, 2017.

There was approximately 150 residences evacuated.

115 residents have registered at the reception center, 40 residents registering by phone.

RCMP has closed Highway 6 south from Highway 505 and are currently securing the area.

The fire is currently burning within Township 2, Range 29 and is heading NE along the MD boundary.

Currently there are 11 personnel, 2 engines, 1 tender and a command unit actively fighting the fire.

Pincher Creek Emergency Services is continuing to assess the situation and has unified command with Alberta Agricultural and Forestry.