RCMP Deputy Commissioner Presents Commendation Awards in Calgary

Calgary, Alberta – (Tuesday), at a private ceremony, the Honorable Lois Mitchell, Lieutenant Governor of Alberta joined Deputy Commissioner Marianne Ryan, Commanding Officer of the Alberta RCMP, in the presentation of awards for bravery, outstanding service, appreciation and long service to RCMP employees.

“I am so honoured to be here today to recognize the inspirational efforts our employees have made,” said Deputy Commissioner Marianne Ryan, Commanding Officer of the Alberta RCMP, “From dedicating their lives to serving the citizens of our nation to risking their lives to save others, I am so very proud of these employees and their contribution to the safety and security of Canadians.”

Several RCMP members received the Commanding Officer’s Commendation for Bravery, which recognizes courage in the face of dangerous circumstances beyond those commonly encountered in routine police work.

Constable Matthew Doane

On March 28, 2014, police officers from the Rocky Mountain House RCMP Detachment responded to a complaint of a suicidal female who had crawled to the unsecured side of a highway bridge.

The bridge crossed the North Saskatchewan River at a height of forty to fifty feet. Prior to police arrival several civilians engaged with the youth and were struggling to hold onto her through the guardrails in an attempt to secure her from jumping/falling from the side of the bridge. The youth was only 12 years old.

Upon his arrival, Cst. Doane immediately crawled to the unsecured side of the bridge and used his body to secure the female to the side of the bridge.  He then instructed another member to obtain ratchet straps from his duty bag. Once retrieved, these straps were secured around them and the metal vertical guard rails, securing both the youth and Cst. Doane to the side of the bridge. These actions prevented the female from being able to fall from a significant height. Cst. Doane’s quick thinking ensured the safety of the girl while police, the fire department and civilians negotiated her successful rescue.

Cst Matthew Doane
Cst Matthew Doane

Cst. Doane is currently posted to the Didsbury RCMP Detachment.

Sergeant Andrew Johnson, Sergeant Gary Creasser, Detective David Keagan

On June 1, 2010, a man arrived unannounced at the Calgary Alberta Serious Incident Response

Team (ASIRT) office to speak with Sergeant Andrew Johnson. During their discussion, the man pulled a knife on the unarmed Sgt. Johnson, stabbing him several times. Sgt. Johnson engaged in a life and death struggle with the male. Sgt. Johnson tried to keep hold of the knife even though he was seriously injured.

Upon hearing the commotion, Sergeant Gary Creasser rushed to the scene. He engaged in a life-threatening struggle with the man. Sgt. Creasser, without hesitation or concern for his own well-being, sustained injuries during the struggle to remove the knife from the man’s hand.

Detective David Keagan told the receptionist to call 911 and engaged in trying to subdue the man. The man was taken into custody with the assistance of other ASIRT members and the vicious assault ended.

Sgt. Andrew Johnson is now retired from the RCMP.

Sgt Gary Creasser
Sgt Gary Creasser

Sgt. Gary Creasser is from the Calgary Police Service.

Det. David Keagan
Det. David Keagan

Detective David Keagan is from the Calgary Police Service.

Long Service Awards

Long Service Awards marking 20 or more years of service were distributed to 33 Alberta RCMP employees. In 2016, 81 awards were presented at ceremonies in Calgary and Edmonton. The employees’ service collectively total 2,145 years.