Quality of Life, Beautiful Parks and Community Engagement Praised in High River’s Vital Signs Report

HIGH RIVER, AB: High River’s beautiful parks and green spaces, high quality of life, and strong community engagement are just a few of the assets highlighted in the Vital Signs report that was released on Tuesday, Oct. 4.

“This is the first year that High River has participated in the survey and the average grade that respondents gave for the eight categories was a B,” said Kalie Mosig, research and content lead for the project. “This is an excellent start and we look forward to tracking our progress and making improvements in the coming years.”

The Vital Signs survey was an opportunity for residents to have a voice in the community and celebrate all the things that are positively contributing to life in High River. It also allowed for the collection of feedback on areas that they thought could require more attention.

In total, 571 participants completed the survey in June of 2016. They were asked to grade quality of life indicators throughout the community. This information was combined with data from service providers, organizations and local experts to create a broad snapshot of the community.

Some of the highlights include:

·         Amazing community events and celebrations in High River

·         Natural green spaces, parks and trees, as well as the Happy Trails pedestrian and cycling paths

·         Diversity of arts, culture and local talent in High River

·         The High River Hospital, and how it serves not just the town, but surrounding areas as well

·         Full spectrum of learning opportunities, from early childhood, to post-secondary are available

·         Transportation services like the Handi-bus and taxis

·         Citizens feel safe, low crime rate, and excellent first responders

·         High River is a welcoming community with a small town feel

High River’s Vital Signs was a collaborative process between Our High River and the Town of High River’s Family and Community Support Services (FCSS). Support was also provided by The Calgary Foundation and NRG Research Group.

“We want this report to serve as a call to action for the entire community,” says Caitland Asmundson, of Our High River. “This is an opportunity for citizens to step up and offer their gifts to contribute to building the community they want to live in.”

The complete report can be viewed online at www.highriver.ca.