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Public Affairs Bureau and Executive Council Officials Evade Tough Questions at Public Accounts Committee: Wildrose

EDMONTON, AB: Following appearances by senior officials within the Public Affairs Bureau and Executive Council, Albertans are left with more questions about what taxpayer money is being used to promote, the Wildrose Official Opposition said.

The Public Affairs Bureau oversees the creation of some NDP government advertisements, including the controversial decision to spend $9 million on ads to promote the carbon tax.
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“The NDP government has taken partisanship in the Public Affairs Bureau to new heights,” said Fildebrandt. “They refused to answer simple questions about partisan appointments controlling the PAB and the millions of taxpayer dollars that they spend on government advertising.”

While the Public Affairs Bureau is meant to be a coordinating body that provides advice to departments, it is clear from the NDP government’s record that they are out of touch with everyday Albertans, spending money on out of touch campaigns promoting PPA lawsuits, attempting to save face on their poorly executed Bill 6 roll out, and more.

“Albertans deserve better than the answers that were provided at Public Accounts today, and for the services provided by those in the PAB and Executive Council”, Wildrose Calgary-Foothills MLA Prasad Panda said. “Wildrose will continue to advocate for effective use of taxpayer dollars and the end of frivolous campaigns at the expense of Albertans.”

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