Province Takes First step in French Services Policy

The Government of Alberta will hold consultations with the francophone community to help develop a policy on French-language services.

“Alberta’s rich and vibrant French-speaking community is an integral part of our cultural fabric and is one of the fastest-growing francophone communities in Canada. For the first time, this government is moving forward to improve access to government services in French. This will enhance Alberta’s competitive advantage, strengthen our relationship with the francophone community, and leverage Alberta’s fair share of francophone funding from the federal government.”

Ricardo Miranda, Minister of Culture and Tourism


Starting this month, Culture and Tourism, through the Francophone Secretariat, will hold nine targeted sessions in French for a broad cross-section of the francophone community. The overall objective is to help government be more aware of and responsive to the needs of French-speaking Albertans when delivering services to the community.

“I am extremely pleased with the progress we have made and with the attention given by our provincial government on this matter. The next steps are very promising for French-speaking Albertans and I am delighted that community consultations will be held soon, allowing our community to contribute to the development of this long-awaited French language services policy.”

Jean Johnson, President of the Association canadienne-française de l’Alberta


The consultation process includes other government ministries and representatives from select agencies. Albertans who do not participate in the consultations can fill out an online survey, available on the Francophone Secretariat website

There will be no additional costs to developing a policy on French?language services, as any policy implementation would be funded through federal funding administered by Culture and Tourism’s Francophone Secretariat.

Quick facts
  • After English, French is the most spoken language in Alberta (Census 2011).
  • Alberta’s francophone population has increased more than 40 per cent since 1996 (Census 2011).
  • Enrolment in francophone schools has increased by almost 200 per cent in Alberta.
  • Alberta has the largest francophone population after Quebec, Ontario and New Brunswick; it is also the fastest-growing outside of Quebec (Census 2011).
  • Alberta is one of only two provinces in Canada to have neither a policy nor legislation on services in French.