Province Stands up for Alberta Farmers

After a series of discussions with Alberta grain producers, the federal government and national railway companies to ensure efficient grain transportation this season, Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Oneil Carlier issued the following statement:

“As Alberta farmers bring in the harvest, they need to know they’ll be able to get their grain to market without uncertainty, stress and unnecessary delays.

“Our farmers work too hard to see their harvest put at risk by transportation issues that are beyond their control.

“That’s why I have sought the assurances of my federal counterpart and of officials with national railway companies that every effort is made to ensure this season’s grain is moved efficiently.

“An effective, reliable transportation network is crucial to our government’s goal of diversifying our agriculture industry and the provincial economy as a whole.

“Our government will continue to support federal investments in transportation infrastructure that will improve market access for Western Canadian exports to the Asia-Pacific region.”