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Protecting Freedom & Democracy: Jean announces plans for recall, photo radar referendum

Brian Jean announces policy and receives the endorsement from UCP MLAs Ron Orr, Glenn vanDijken, Don MacIntyre, Todd Loewen and Tany Yao.

EDMONTON, AB: Wednesday, Brian Jean announced he would pass recall legislation, let Albertans have their say on photo radar, work to fix equalization, protect free speech on university campuses, and ban the use of union dues for partisan activities.

The policy, Here for Albertans: Protecting Freedom and Democracy, was released in front of the legislature building in Edmonton. The full policy can be read online here.

“Albertans expect to be listened to, but under the NDP they are only talked down to. There’s no better example than them ramming through a carbon tax they never campaigned on,” Jean said. “We will let voters have their say on photo radar cash grabs across the province, give Albertans the power to recall MLAs in between elections, let them send a strong message to Ottawa on equalization and put power back in the hands of the ordinary working Albertans across this province.”

If elected, Jean said in the next municipal election or sooner he would hold localized referendums applicable to municipalities who use photo radar.

Currently, only four out of ten provinces have photo radar programs in place. Alberta is the only province to allow use of photo radar in every municipality and the only province that allows mobile speed cameras outside of construction and school zones.

To force Ottawa’s hand into negotiations in equalization, Jean’s plan would seek a strong mandate from Albertans to renegotiate the current formula. Currently, Albertans send an average of $24 billion more per year to Ottawa than what they get back in transfers or services.

“Albertans are fair and compassionate neighbours, but they know a bad deal when they see one,” Jean said. “Whether it’s on EI or equalization, Albertans are tired of sending tens of billions of dollars to Ottawa every year with little in return but opposition and contempt.”

Other highlights of Jean’s plan include:

  • Ensuring MLAs are free to vote according to their constituents’ interests

  • Restoring the secret ballot for union certification

  • Reforming freedom of information legislation and practices so that Albertans can fairly access their government’s information

  • Banning government spending announcements and advertising during
    elections and by-elections

The full policy can be read here.

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  • Sid , July 28, 2017 @ 4:27 pm

    Photo radar as an election issue? Give me a break. What a lame start to defining potential future of our province.

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