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More Proof Labour Review Rigged by NDP, Legitimacy of OHS Review Called into Question: UCP

EDMONTON, AB: The United Conservative Party caucus has obtained more freedom of information documents that further prove the NDP had already determined what would be included in labour relations and employment standards legislation before it began a 36-day sham consultation with the Alberta business community this spring.

The documents reveal a Sept. 30, 2016 memo to Labour Minister Christina Gray from her Deputy Minister confirming a list of items to be included, at the request of Premier Rachel Notley.

UCP Labour critics Glenn van Dijken and Prab Gill are calling on the NDP to do the right thing and ensure the upcoming occupational health and safety (OHS) review and consultation actually incorporates feedback from Alberta job creators.

“The NDP have demonstrated time and again that they have no interest in hearing directly from Albertans,” said van Dijken. “This government has insulted farmers, coal communities and now Alberta businesses with their sham consultations and botched roll-outs. They have an opportunity now to change their approach and conduct open, transparent, and meaningful consultations on OHS changes, and I hope they take advantage.”

Gill said the Labour Minister owes all Albertans an apology for misleading them when she promised a fair consultation process.

“The labour relations and employment standards consultation was rigged, providing Alberta businesses and everyday Albertans with little opportunity for their voices to be heard,” said Gill. “As a result, businesses have had to absorb even more additional costs piled on them by this NDP government. Pretty soon, many Alberta businesses aren’t going to be able to afford to do business in our province anymore, taking much-needed jobs with them when they go.”

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