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Privacy Commissioner to Investigate NDP for Deleting Sensitive PPA Emails: Wildrose

EDMONTON, AB: The Privacy Commissioner has announced an investigation into the NDP government deleting emails related to Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) after a request from Wildrose Shadow Electricity Minister Don MacIntyre, the Wildrose Official Opposition said.

Wildrose wrote the Privacy Commissioner last year with respect to evidence showing the NDP deleted public documents pertaining to Alberta power companies returning their PPAs to the Balancing Pool.

For example, the Department of Energy’s Assistant Deputy Minister asked the Balancing Pool CEO to “please delete” an email that was “sensitive and transitory” on the same day ENMAX met with the Deputy Minister of Energy to discuss its plans to terminate its Battle River 5 PPA.

With the Privacy Commissioner recently releasing a scathing report on the government’s repeated failures to provide information on prior investigations, Wildrose Leader Brian Jean called on the government to fully comply with the investigation.

“This decision by the government is costing Albertans billions of dollars. They deserve to know the full story,” Jean said. “The NDP government must be held accountable for their actions, they need to be cooperative with whatever the Commissioner asks, and we need to finally start getting real answers from the government on this file.”

MacIntyre said the NDP government created this disastrous situation through sheer incompetence.

“The NDP made a horrible mistake when they rushed to impose massive tax increases on Alberta’s power companies in June 2015,” MacIntyre said. “Now they’re desperately trying to cover their tracks. Albertans are dealing with a government right now that is neither competent nor ethical. I’m very glad the Commissioner has decided to investigate.”

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