Preparing Industry Professionals for the Classroom

The Bridge-to-Teacher Certification funding program helps ensure that students are “Future Ready” by certifying professionals to teach career and technology studies in high schools.

The program is part of the government’s commitment to ensuring that Albertans have the skills and training they need to succeed in a changing economy.

Under the Bridge-to-Teacher Certification funding program, industry professionals are prepared to teach in high-demand career and technology programs such as trades, culinary arts and construction. Upon completing the bridging program, participants work in the classroom while completing a teacher preparation program offered by an Alberta post-secondary institution.

“The Bridge-to-Teacher Certification program allows industry professionals to step into our classrooms and share their real-world experiences. Good jobs begin with a good education and people who already have good jobs can help prepare our students for success.”

David Eggen, Minister of Education


Alberta Education encourages schools to work in collaboration with their community to identify career and technology opportunities that spark student interest and to tap into local expertise to help bring these opportunities alive in the classroom.

“The program gave me an opportunity to turn something I love to do into a fantastic career. I’m thrilled to have the chance to pass along important skills that help my students build meaningful and satisfying careers for themselves.”

Zena Duguid, Cosmetology Teacher


Salisbury Composite High School, Sherwood ParkCareer and technology programs in schools introduce students to and begin to prepare them for a wide variety of careers in Alberta’s skilled trades and tech economy. These programs help tradespeople become professional teachers and help teachers get trade certification, ensuring our students have the best qualified people in front of them.”

Mark Ramsankar, Alberta Teachers’ Association (ATA) President
david-eggen-cooking-classQuick facts

First offered in 2010 as a pilot, the Bridge-to-Teacher Certification program supports journey-certificated tradespeople to complete a teacher preparation program offered by participating Alberta institutions.

To date, the program has helped prepare 93 journey-certificated tradespeople to participate in the CTS Bridge-to-Teacher Certification program in 10 trades: auto mechanic, auto body, baker, carpentry, culinary, cosmetology, electrical, welding/fabrication, heavy equipment operation and plumbing and refrigeration.

The program provides the opportunity for tradespersons who complete the CTS bridging program to work as a teacher under a restricted Letter of Authority while continuing their studies toward meeting requirements to qualify for Interim Professional Certification.

As part of the Alberta government’s Future Ready vision, Alberta Education will work to further promote the Bridge-to-Teacher Certification program in hopes of bringing more industry professionals into the classroom.