Premiers Wynne, Notley Affirm Commitment to Interprovincial Partnership and U.S. Engagement

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne and Alberta Premier Rachel Notley issued this statement following their meeting in Toronto today:

“Ontario and Alberta share many priorities, including a commitment to creating good jobs, growing our economies and making life better for families.

“Particularly now, securing our relationship with the United States is key to both provinces’ economic strength. The U.S. is the top trading partner of both Alberta and Ontario. We have each travelled to the U.S. this year to engage with governors, business leaders, senators and other key influencers. Today, we shared knowledge and best practices from these meetings and discussed how we can work together as Canadian premiers to advance this work, so that our efforts continue to pay off for workers and businesses in Ontario, Alberta and across the country.

“We also shared our concerns regarding the Buy American policies being considered in Texas, a state whose economic strength is intrinsically linked to investments from, and partnership with, both Alberta and Ontario. We discussed the effective advocacy work by Ontario, Quebec and the federal government to defend the interests of Canadian workers and businesses in New York State, as lawmakers there considered similar Buy American provisions that were ultimately dropped from its state budget.

“We also discussed our shared commitment to fight for forest workers and their families in the softwood lumber dispute and the need to diversify markets for our products, including oil and other natural resources.

“We are both eagerly anticipating a productive summer meeting of the Council of the Federation in Edmonton. This is an opportunity for Canada’s premiers to advance the initiatives that matter most to our provinces, our people and the Canadian federation as a whole, including ongoing discussions around free trade and NAFTA.

“We look forward to continuing these conversations at this critical time and continuing to partner with other provinces and the federal government to demonstrate our shared commitment to stand up for workers and businesses in Ontario, Alberta and across Canada.”