Premier Notley pleased Legislature’s main doors re-opened

Premier Rachel Notley issued the following statement on the Alberta Legislature’s main doors being re-opened:

AB Legislature main doors - Premier Notley“I am extremely pleased that, starting Monday, Albertans and visitors will once again be able to enter through the front doors of the Alberta Legislature. This is something I strongly believed needed to happen.

“I know the feeling of walking through the Alberta Legislature’s front doors and being immediately immersed in the history, charm and character that has made our province so great. It’s an experience everyone should be able to have an opportunity to enjoy.

“I also know safety and security are critical to every visitor’s experience. This is why we’ve worked with the Sergeant-At-Arms, the Speaker’s Office and security to ensure we have achieved a balance between safety and accessibility.

“The Alberta Legislature is the people’s building and by re-opening the main doors, I hope the experience of visiting the Legislature is enriched for everyone.”


Effective Monday, October 26, 2015, visitors to the Alberta Legislature will once again be able to enter the building through its main doors.

“The Alberta Legislature is a beloved historic building; the public is encouraged to visit at every opportunity but the considerations for safety and security reflects today’s reality.” said Speaker Wanner. “Achieving balance between safety and accessibility is an ongoing priority as we strive to ensure the safety of the Members of the Legislative Assembly, the staff who work in the building and the thousands of visitors who come to the Legislature every year.”

Individuals with limited mobility can continue to access the building through the west entrance.