Phillips Misled Albertans on Why Ecofitt was Chosen, Program’s True Cost: Wildrose

Phillips Misled Albertans on Why Ecofitt was Chosen, Program’s True Cost: Wildrose

EDMONTON, AB: New information shows Environment & Parks Minister Shannon Phillips misled Albertans when she said Ecofitt was chosen as the company to install new taxpayer-funded light bulbs in people’s homes because they were “the lowest cost provider,” the Wildrose Official Opposition said.

During debate over the Environment & Parks budget, Wildrose MLAs asked whether or not Ontario-based Ecofitt was the lowest bid for the light bulb replacement and energy efficiency program.

The deputy minister for the department, Sandra Locke, revealed that Ecofitt was only the third-lowest bidder, a statement that stands in direct contradiction with comments made by Phillips in March.

“Either the government intentionally misled Albertans or they didn’t even know Ecofitt wasn’t the lowest bid for this program,” Wildrose Shadow Environment & Parks Minister Todd Loewen said. “Given this potential boondoggle involves tens of millions of dollars from taxpayers, Minister Phillips and the Premier better start giving Albertans better answers.”

AIM Energy Pros CEO David Gray has said he’s “livid that the government has decided that they should just cut the knees” out from underneath everybody already involved in the energy efficiency business in Alberta.

“Albertans are already furious with this government over how this program has been handled,” Wildrose Shadow Electricity & Renewables Minister Don MacIntyre said. “Now we find out the government wasn’t even telling Albertans the truth about why this Ontario company got this generous program to go into people’s homes and sell their products.”