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PC Alberta Leader Jason Kenney Responds to Disastrous NDP Economy

Edmonton, AB — Jason Kenney marked the second anniversary of the NDP’s 2015 electoral victory. In that time, the NDP has presided over one of the longest and deepest recessions in Alberta history, implemented a job-killing carbon tax they didn’t mention in the last election, raised taxes on Alberta’s families and job creators, and put the province on track to $71 billion in debt.
“As I travel across Alberta, I’m constantly reminded of the very real costs of this accidental NDP government’s disastrous policies. Alberta was once the land of unrivaled prosperity and opportunity. Now, we have the highest unemployment rate outside of Atlantic Canada – something that would have been inconceivable just a few short years ago.”
Two-hundred thousand Albertans are looking for of work. Nearly 60,000 full-time jobs have been destroyed since the NDP formed government. Forty thousand Albertans have been out of work for a year or longer. Alberta’s unemployment rate is up a whopping thirty-six percent. Calgary and Edmonton rank first and third in unemployment nationwide.
“There’s no denying Alberta has been affected by the downturn in global commodity prices. But anti-growth NDP policies have made a bad situation much worse. From implementing the job-killing carbon tax – the single largest tax hike in Alberta’s history – to income tax hikes to higher taxes on our job creators, the NDP has created massive investor uncertainty. Alberta has had lower unemployment and a stronger economcy at $20 oil than we do today at $50 oil. Jobs and investment are increasing in oil and gas in many parts of the world, but not in Alberta.”
“Imagine the damage the NDP would do if they were to win a second term. That’s why free-enterprise Albertans need to unite defeat this government at the next election, so we can reverse their economic policies and get Alberta back on track.”

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