Parents’ Views on Curriculum Will Help Make Kids Future Ready

The Government of Alberta is launching a new series of initiatives known as “Future Ready” that will co-ordinate and improve education and skills training to better prepare kids for success in a changing economy.

The first initiative to launch under Future Ready includes an online survey to ensure that parents and other concerned Albertans have their say during a comprehensive review of the province’s K-12 curriculum.

“We know that good jobs begin with a good education. Our changing economy demands a modern curriculum that prepares our kids for success at school and in the workforce. We want to hear directly from parents as we take on this important work.”

Rachel Notley, Premier


“Education is the cornerstone of a healthy economy. I am proud that our government is taking charge of a proper curriculum update that was put off for too long. Working together to improve the quality and co-ordination of education and skills training will mean our students are ready to succeed at every level, from kindergarten to post-secondary to careers.”

David Eggen, Minister of Education


The online survey will run from Oct.18, 2016 until Nov. 18, 2016. Alberta Education will also be looking at research on student learning and what other jurisdictions from around the world are doing and will be holding face-to-face discussions with a cross-section of Albertans.

“Curriculum belongs to all Albertans. Through this survey, Albertans representing a broad cross-section of society will provide valuable input about what students should know. From there, our teachers will be well-informed and well-situated to design the programs required to get them there.”

Mark Ramsankar, President, Alberta Teachers’ Association
Quick facts
  • Survey questions are available in English and in French. Français is in French only and is intended for francophone education.
  • Alberta Education is reviewing curriculum simultaneously in six core kindergarten to Grade 12 subjects: Arts, Language Arts (English, French, Français), Mathematics, Social Studies, Sciences and Wellness. Previously, curriculum was developed one subject at a time.

Under Future Ready, the Alberta government is taking a long-term focus on integrating education and training from kindergarten to work, so all Albertans have the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in the changing Alberta and global economy. Initiatives will focus on bringing together several ministries, as well as industry and labour professionals, teachers and parents to ensure that students are being properly supported.