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Ousted CEOs Mark the End of Oil Sands Support for the NDP Carbon Tax, Emissions Cap: Barnes

EDMONTON, AB (June 21, 2017): With three out of four major energy CEOs who supported the NDP’s carbon tax leaving or being ousted by their companies, Premier Rachel Notley should admit her plan to impose the NDP’s risky ideology on Alberta industry has flopped in the eyes of the business community, Wildrose Shadow Energy Minister Drew Barnes said today.

The four CEOs in question made a private deal with the NDP government on the carbon tax and emissions cap that seemed to benefit their companies but not the industry at large. In exchange, they stood on stage with Notley and pledged their support for a bad plan that devastated Alberta’s energy sector, which was already struggling under the weight of low oil prices.

According to the Financial Post, “the CEOs made a bad deal to mitigate damage from a hostile provincial government that has undermined their industry’s attractiveness and caused deep divisions between those who were at the table and those who weren’t.”

“Wildrose has been questioning the merits of this deal ever since it was announced. It’s unfortunate the NDP can never seem to see the consequences of their actions until it’s too late,” Barnes said. “The verdict is in. Investors in Alberta and around the world know the NDP carbon tax and emissions cap are making Alberta an undesirable jurisdiction to invest in. It’s time for the Premier and her activist friends to come back down to reality.”

Barnes said Alberta’s energy sector is bracing for more tough times ahead with the carbon tax set to double this year, and the price of WTI testing the $40 floor, almost $15 less than what the NDP government predicted it would average this year.

“This NDP government has no idea what it’s doing,” Barnes said. “This outright incompetence is scaring away investment, causing mass job loss and shuttering small and mid-size businesses. The NDP needs to scrap the carbon tax and emissions cap and show the world that Alberta is once again open for business.”

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