Ottawa Attacks Farmers, NDP Government Must Intervene: Wildrose

Ottawa Attacks Farmers, NDP Government Must Intervene: Wildrose

EDMONTON, AB: The NDP government needs to call on their counterparts in Ottawa to reverse the plan to eliminate deferred cash purchase tickets for grain sales, which would drastically impact farmers’ incomes, Wildrose Shadow Agriculture Minister Dave Schneider said:

“Deferring grain sales to another fiscal year has been going on in Canada for decades.  Deferred cash grain tickets let farmers sell crop inventories in one year while deferring income on the sale until the following year.

“This allowed farmers to include the price of the ticket as taxable income for the following year, saving farmers hard-earned money.

“The Liberal government wants to scrap this useful cash management tool. Alberta farmers have had enough of over-reaching provincial and federal government tax grabs harming their livelihoods.

“Wildrose encourages the NDP government to stick up for Alberta farmers for once in their mandate and ensure the federal Liberals reject this damaging plan. I would strongly encourage producers to contact their local grain commissions as well as their federal Member of Parliament and voice their concerns.”