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Oilfields Hospital Tub Room Facelift Fundraiser

SRHT – The staff at the Oilfields General Hospital have the responsibility of caring for members of our community at their most vulnerable moments.  While doing so they strive to maintain patient’s dignity, privacy and sense of family.

The Hospital was built in 1984 with an admirable purpose, but unfortunately an institutional design.  The Hospital’s main tub room was designed in that institutional feel.  The existing tub room is a very sterile space that does not fit within dementia care in which we are trying to evoke feelings of safety and security.  Bathing is a very sensitive time for residents who suffer from dementia and the environment plays a large role. We want to create a space whereby residents feel more at home.

Refurbishing this area will allow us to create a more peaceful, calming and warmer area where we can provide care to our patients in a more home like environment.  Many of us take for granted the coziness of our bathrooms in our homes, and we would like to provide patients with more of that experience in the Hospital.

The Tub Room refurbishment will include a ‘state-of-the-art’ bathtub with a stretcher lift to lift bed ridden patients in and out of the tub and full new bathroom suite.  We envision the space having peaceful calming music from a sound system, blanket warmers for nice warm blankets when getting out of the tub and natural lighting with large luminous virtual windows.  As well, in order to personalize the tub room we want to build an area where residents can leave their personal grooming supplies.

Our vision is to create a personal care area that can be compared to those within the most beautiful care centres in Canada. The current budget for this upgrade is $130,000.

The Sheep River Health Trust is currently fundraising for the HOME capital campaign as part of the Oilfields General Hospital – focusing on the Tub Room Renovation in the Rising Sun Long Term Care. We are featuring this project as part of our 4th Annual “Together we make a Difference” Radiothon on the Eagle 100.9FM on April 13th. 
(L to R) Andrea Mitchell, Sheep River Health Trust Executive Director; Tanya Thorn, SRHT Fund Development Officer; Blair and Beverley Gordon, Century 21 Foothills; Carla Ralph, Acute/Longterm Care Site Manager


The current tub room waiting for that spa-like makeover!
The fundraiser was kicked off today at Oilfields Hospital Rising Sun Longterm Care with a generous donation from Century 21 Foothills. Blair and Beverley Gordon were on hand for the presentation. You can also help be tuning into the Eagle on 100.9FM on April 13th!
The Rising Sun has been sprucing up with paint and art to make it feel more like home for the residents. My Grandmother has been living at the Rising Sun for 4 1/2 years and our family is quite happy to have her close to home and also with the warm feeling you get when you visit. The care is so outstanding! – Tracey Walshaw, Gateway Gazette
Hallway art that has begun in the Rising Sun to make it feel more home-like.

About the Radio-a-Thon

Started in 2014, the “Together we make a difference” Radiothon has raised over $120,000 supporting Children and Youth projects throughout the Foothills.
We have been fortunate to partner with The Eagle 100.9Fm and Sobeys Okotoks for a 14 hour, on-air Radiothon.   This 1 day broadcasting allows the community throughout the Foothills to tune in and make a difference for kids and families in our community.  Listeners are encouraged to call the on-site Phone Bank to make a donation to the Sheep River Health Trust.

The “Together We Can Make A Difference” Radiothon creates awareness and support for programs and initiatives focused on the health and wellness of our children.  Throughout the day listeners will hear from children, youth, families and program providers about the difference these initiatives have on their lives.

Revenue from Radiothon:

Raised $26,137 in 2014
Raised $37,320 in 2015
Raised $ 54,542 in 2016

Radiothon 2017 will be held on Thursday, April 13, 2017 at Sobeys Okotoks live on-air with the Eagle 100.9FM, from 5:30am to 7pm.

There is one more way you can help your local health facilities……

Be A Health Hero

What is a Health Hero?
A Health Hero is someone who believes that the health and wellness of the residents in the foothills is something that should be consistently advanced and supported.

Through a monthly giving program with the Sheep River Health Trust you have the ability to impact the lives of residents young and old in the Foothills region.

When can I sign up to be a Health Hero?
TODAY! Just call The Sheep River Health Trust office at 403-995-5400.

Why should I become a Health Hero?
Your $12 monthly contribution is directed towards local programs and medical equipment at the Okotoks Health & Wellness Centre and the Oilfields General Hospital that supports our communities children, families and seniors.

It’s easy: all you need to do is sign up once, and we’ll take care of the rest. Each month your gift will automatically be charged to your chosen credit card on the same date. There are no fees, and you can cancel your support at any time. You will receive a tax receipt for the total of your annual donations.

Knowing we can count on your ongoing monthly support helps our Trust plan for the future in funding upcoming health priorities.

By becoming a Health Hero monthly donor, you can help ensure that every person coming through the doors of our region’s health care facilities receive the best health care available.


A recent addition is this relaxing feature:

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