November is Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) Month

November is Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) month intended to raise awareness of healthy heart, stroke and cardiac arrest signs, symptoms and critical interventions in an attempt to increase survivability and quality of life. In Alberta 10% of the population will suffer a cardiac related emergency every year, however, through awareness, action and life-saving training these medical events can be reduced.
St. John Ambulance not only provides the newest training standards in First Aid, CPR and Automatic External Defribrillation (AED) training, but throughout the month of November is offering the public an opportunity to participate in a number of community awareness initiatives to increase training, access to AEDs and to win an AED for their home, school, business or community facility.
In Canada, someone experiences a cardiac arrest every 13 minutes. Early recognition, CPR and application of an AED increase the odds of survival by 75%. In the event of a cardiac emergency, locating and using the nearest AED may be the difference between life or death.
St. John Ambulance has introduced a life-saving solution that allows Canadians to access the geo-location of AED devices in their nearby area. With the St. John Ambulance Save a Life app, finding the nearest AED in times of emergency has never been easier.
This November, St. John Ambulance is encouraging all Albertans to take a picture with an AED and post it in social media to be entered into a draw for a Phillips AEDs. We are also encouraging participants to help us map the largest AED database in the country.
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About St. John Ambulance First Aid and CPR Courses

St. John Ambulance First Aid and CPR courses are Canada’s most comprehensive, state-of-the-art training programs for business, individuals and communities. Choosing a St. John Ambulance first aid and CPR course will give you life-saving skills and support communities across Alberta. Proceeds from our first aid courses and training support services for seniors, youth, the community and so much more.
St. John Ambulance is proud to deliver reliable and sustainable community services in accordance with our organization’s mission. These services are provided by trained volunteers who recognize and respond to community-based health and safety needs.