Notley Should Scrap Carbon Tax, Work With Other Provinces to Challenge Ottawa: Jean

Wildrose News Release bannerEDMONTON, AB: Instead of ramming through a massive new carbon tax on Albertans, Premier Rachel Notley should utilize partnerships across Canada to send a message to Ottawa that Alberta will not support a carbon tax being imposed on our province, Wildrose Leader Brian Jean said today.

Premier Notley said today she won’t work with provinces like Saskatchewan and Nova Scotia who are opposing the federal government’s unilateral move to impose a national carbon tax that will hurt resource-based industries and families.

“Provinces across the country that do not want Ottawa interfering in their industries and taxing families have a chance right now to go to Ottawa with a united voice,” Jean said. “Instead, Premier Notley is insisting on imposing her own massive carbon tax and telling other provinces against the carbon tax that she won’t work with them.”

The NDP government’s carbon tax is set to be much harsher than Ottawa’s over the next three years. It will cost the typical household at least $1,000 per year and put Alberta at an even further disadvantage with other petroleum producing jurisdictions around the world.

“Alberta should be working together with provinces that have similar interests to us and send a powerful message to Ottawa,” Jean said.