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Notley Should Retract ‘proud’ Comment on ConocoPhillips Sale Following Layoff News: Barnes

EDMONTON, AB: Following news ConocoPhillips is laying off 300 Alberta workers, Wildrose Shadow Energy Minister Drew Barnes is calling on Premier Rachel Notley to retract the celebratory statements she made following ConocoPhillips’ original decision to sell its Alberta assets.

The Houston-based company made the inevitable decision to lay off the Alberta workers after selling most of its oil sands assets. After Wildrose raised concern at the time of sale in the Legislature, Notley said she was “proud” ConocoPhillips sold at bargain-basement prices to a Canadian entity, and accused Wildrose of “Chicken little-ing.”

“The tragic reality of this situation is that 300 more Alberta families are facing severe economic uncertainty in a major downturn, and that’s nothing to celebrate or be proud of,” Barnes said. “The NDP knows its carbon taxes and caps on emissions are making the decision to leave very easy for companies like ConocoPhillips, Shell and now probably BP, and they’re trying to dress the situation up as something it’s not. Premier Notley should retract her comments characterizing the ConocoPhillips sale as being good news for Alberta, and get to work on attracting energy business back to our province.”

Barnes said the NDP government must signal to international investors that Alberta is open for business by immediately repealing the ideological carbon tax and cap on emissions.

“Never in my life did I think energy companies would be running away from Alberta because of hostile government policies, but here we are,” Barnes said. “The focus has to turn now to bringing investment back, and that means wiping many bad NDP policies right off the books as fast as possible.”

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