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Notley Needs to Tell the Truth About AIMCo Interference

EDMONTON, AB: Premier Rachel Notley is outright denying that the NDP government is interfering with AIMCo when news reports clearly show it is, the Wildrose Official Opposition said.

New documents obtained by the Financial Post outline an “ambush of political tampering,” wherein top AIMCo officials, including CEO Kevin Uebelein, were sent NDP talking points on a new director-appointment process that directly contradicted their true feelings on the matter. This follows a litany of other instances of NDP government tampering at the arms-length corporation.

In Question Period Monday, Notley stood in the house and declared “This government is not interfering in AIMCo.”

“Albertans are dismayed at the ongoing tampering occurring at AIMCo by the NDP government,” Wildrose Leader Brian Jean said. “The troubling body of evidence the NDP is interfering in this critical arms-length organization is growing, and the people of this province expect and deserve better from their government.”

In February, the NDP government got in trouble for repealing rules through a cabinet order to allow it to place unqualified NDP operatives on the AIMCo board. Then the NDP got in trouble for keeping AIMCo officials in the dark about the decision. Then the NDP got in trouble forsending spin doctors to dictate strategies to AIMCo officials who should be free from political interference.

Wildrose Shadow Finance Minister Derek Fildebrandt said the Premier’s denials in response to his direct questions were a new low in transparency from the NDP government.

“The NDP has been caught clearly meddling with AIMCo,” Fildebrandt said. “When caught, we asked blunt questions in the Legislature, and their answers were not truthful.”

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