Notley Should Help Fight a National Carbon Tax, Instead of Shilling for One: Wildrose

Wildrose News Release bannerEDMONTON, AB: With Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall saying he absolutely will not sign a national carbon tax agreement at the first minister’s meeting in Ottawa, Premier Rachel Notley should join the fight against a national carbon tax that will devastate Canada’s ability to compete for investment with the rest of the world, the Wildrose Official Opposition said.

Saskatchewan is vehemently opposed to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s plan to impose a carbon tax across Canada, while British Columbia is lukewarm at Ottawa enforcing a massive $50 per tonne carbon tax.

“It’s extremely disappointing to see the Premier of Alberta try and sell this bad plan to provinces who recognize how bad it would be for their workers and industries, and for all of Canada,” Wildrose Leader Brian Jean said. “Premier Notley needs to remember she works for the people of Alberta, not Prime Minister Trudeau, and start defending the nearly 65 per cent of Albertans who oppose any carbon tax.”

Notley backed Trudeau’s $50 per tonne carbon tax after proposing a $30 per tonne carbon tax herself.

Jean said any carbon tax will gut Canada’s ability to compete globally, especially given our top competitor, the United States, will not be imposing one.

“Whether it’s Australia or the United States, top nations are all moving away from the idea of a carbon tax,” Jean said. “Premier Notley should join her western colleagues who are the last line of defense for Canada against this risky federal carbon tax, instead of embarrassing Albertans and acting as a spokesperson for it.”