Notley Calling Carbon Tax an Opportunity to ‘Make Better Choices’ Out of Touch

Wildrose News Release bannerEDMONTON, AB: New comments from Premier Rachel Notley telling Albertans that they should see the carbon tax as a “tremendous opportunity… to make better choices” shows how out of touch her NDP government is with working Alberta families, Wildrose Leader Brian Jean said.

In an interview with CBC Vancouver, Notley suggested that upset Albertans are just being “riled up by the opposition.” When the carbon tax is fully implemented, it will cost the average Alberta household over $2,500 per year.

Jean said the carbon tax takes away opportunities for families across the province.

“There are no good choices when families have to pick between heating their homes or driving their kids to school,” Jean said. “But the only message Premier Notley has for families, businesses and charities across the province who are suffering is to ‘make better choices.’”

A Wildrose government would repeal the carbon tax and has challenged the NDP to put the tax to a referendum before it is implemented.

Last April, Notley told Albertans upset about the carbon tax that they should “change the type of car they drive.”

Jean said the comments show how far removed NDP MLAs living with comfortable salaries are from the lives of Albertans who are hurting right now.

“People can’t just change their car, or stop heating their homes during the winter,” Jean said. “If the Premier really believed in giving Albertans opportunities to ‘make better choices’ she would put her carbon tax to a referendum.”