Nixon Statement on NDP Gov’t Spending $20K on Partisan, Campaign-Style Address

EDMONTON, AB:  Wildrose Shadow Democracy & Accountability Minister Jason Nixon released the following statement on the NDP government wasting $20,000 on its partisan State of the Province campaign rally:

While Albertans at Enbridge were losing their jobs yesterday, the NDP was blowing through $20,000 of taxpayer dollars for a partisan, invite-only campaign rally.

“The government spent $20,000 to attack the opposition, instead of highlighting any type of meaningful solutions to help families who are suffering right across the province or present new ideas to tackle Alberta’s record debt and deficit.

“There is no shortage of organizations or venues in Alberta that would have gladly hosted Premier Rachel Notley to hear her government’s plans. Instead, the NDP government spent borrowed money on a speech that did nothing to alleviate the concerns of working families across this province.”