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Newly Released Report Shows Assessment Values Could Plummet as Result of NDP’s Accelerated Coal Phase-out: UCP

EDMONTON, AB: A newly released report from the Alberta Association of Municipal Districts and Counties (AAMDC) shows Alberta counties that currently house coal fired power generation facilities are bracing for plummeting assessment values as a direct result of the NDP’s accelerated coal phase out, the United Conservative Party Official Opposition said.

The AAMDC report shows that three municipalities that house coal fired power generation facilities (Leduc County, Parkland County and the Special Areas Board) indicated that the total assessed value of those facilities was $2.8 billion.

When the accelerated coal phase out is complete, this could represent a $2.8 billion loss in assessment value to the municipalities or:

  • 10 per cent in Leduc County;
  • 17 per cent in Parkland County, and;
  • 6 per cent in the Special Areas Board.

“These stark numbers are yet another example of the real and profound impact the NDP’s accelerated coal phase out will have on Alberta communities,” United Conservative Party Electricity and Renewables Critic Don MacIntyre said. “The drop in assessment value for these communities will result in lower tax generation and could have a significant impact on other property assessments in the municipalities. Everyday Albertans will pay the price.”

United Conservative Energy Critic Rick Fraser said that these latest numbers are just another example of the NDP not understanding the full economic impact of their accelerated coal phase out.

“The NDP continually fail to realize the profound impact their harmful policies have on Albertans. We join the members of the AAMDC’s Climate Change Advisory Committee who have recommended the Government of Alberta initiate greater engagement with affected communities to understand the social and economic impacts of the early phase-out of coal fired power generation,” said Fraser. “These drops in assessment value will have a significant impact on our communities at a time when we can least afford it. The NDP should do the right thing, and cancel this damaging accelerated phase out.”

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