New Seats for New Tech

SAIT adds spots and cybersecurity program

New seats for SAIT tech programs are set to answer the needs of a growing industry.

There will be 146 new spots for students in the School of Information and Communications Technologies starting September, the provincial government announced Thursday, Aug. 16.

Karen Graham, Career Advancement Academic Chair, says these additional openings will respond to industry demands.

With the digital transformation of our world, additional technical training needs in the information technology (IT) sector have been identified within Alberta. The new seats support Alberta’s diversifying economy and SAIT’s advancement in becoming the digital transformation hub in western Canada – cultivating a community of innovation.

“By offering more seats, we’re able to prepare more students to succeed in a rapidly growing industry,” says Graham.

Looking to become the next Silicon Valley, institutions and organizations, such as Calgary Economic Development, are working to position Calgary as a city where start-ups, and small and large enterprises can thrive as a result of talent developed through SAIT’s technological skills training programs.

“With more seats available in our tech programs, we continue to position ourselves as key players for digital connectivity in the industry,” says Graham.

Digital defence

Another example of SAIT’s leadership is the new Cyber Security for Control Systems program. This addresses the digital skills gap and cybersecurity concerns at the forefront of the tech industry. With manufacturing and energy plants, telecommunication infrastructure, hospitals and other industrial systems facing the possibility of cyberattacks, this post-diploma program prepares students to respond to digital security business risks.

“The program focuses on the industrial application of cybersecurity,” says Graham. “We teach students how to protect important company assets, such as power grids and water supply controls.”

Graham says offering this type of program reflects the ongoing conversations and reality of online threats, which includes hackers and data breaches. Cybersecurity risk management training is valuable, says Graham.

Funding the future

In March, Scotiabank donated $335,000 in support of SAIT’s Information Systems Security program. The funding helped develop a lab which included an isolated computer system, allowing students to train on live malicious software without risking damage to systems outside of the class.

Suncor provided additional funding for curriculum development for the Cyber Security for Control System program. Support from industry partners ensures the program will reflect the security requirements in a control system environment.

The program is available for career seekers and career advancers through part-time enrolment in both September and January. Full-time enrolment is also available in January as a condensed option.

“As leaders in digital transformation, we’re looking forward to continue delivering relevant and current technical training across numerous industry sectors,” says Graham.

Source: SAIT