New Legislature Rose Garden to Mark Canada 150

Roses are blooming in celebration of Canada’s 150th birthday.

The new rose garden is located on the southwest side of the Legislature Building

The Landscape Alberta Nursery Trades Association has given Albertans a special Canada Day gift – 150 Canadian Shield rose plants in a new garden on the Alberta legislature grounds. A central maple leaf feature holds 13 bushes to celebrate Canada’s provinces and territories.

“Alberta’s Legislature grounds belong to Albertans, and are meant to be used, enjoyed and visited. Now there is one more feature to celebrate. Thank you to the Landscape Alberta volunteers who built the rose garden for their hard work and creativity – this is a one-of-a-kind garden and is the perfect addition to Alberta’s Legislature grounds.”

Rachel Notley, Premier

“The rose garden is a beautiful addition to the grounds and an inviting new landmark for all Albertans to enjoy. This gift not only celebrates Canada’s 150th birthday but offers a new, special place for families and individuals to visit. We are very thankful to the volunteers who put their time, effort and heart into this exceptional gift for Albertans.”

Brian Mason, Infrastructure Minister

“Landscape Alberta is proud to have worked on this legacy garden, both to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday and to extol the value of our green spaces and the professionals who create and maintain them across Alberta. With the support of amazing donors and volunteers, this project came to life to celebrate our great province and the people that live, work and play here.”

Joel Beatson, executive director, Landscape Alberta Nursery Trades Association

The Canadian Shield rose was bred to celebrate Canada 150. This made-in-Canada rose has deep red flowers that bloom all summer long. The garden is located immediately southwest of the legislature building and includes a central maple leaf stone feature, decorative pathways and a pergola. Benches will be installed later this summer.

Quick Facts

  • 10 volunteers from the Landscape Alberta Nursery Trades Association worked on growing and planting 150 Canadian Shield roses for the garden.
  • 30 volunteers worked on the construction of the garden, which included laying the paving stones, constructing the pergola and decorative pathway, and installing the benches.
  • 400+ hours were spent working on the construction of the garden over the course of five days.
  • 4500 individual paving stones were used to fill in 1300 square feet of paving in the garden.