New Independent Minimum Wage Report Should Cause NDP to Slam on the Brakes: UCP

New Independent Minimum Wage Report Should Cause NDP to Slam on the Brakes: UCP

EDMONTON, AB: A new, independent economic analysis of the Wynne government’s plans to increase the minimum wage to $15 an hour should be the wake up call desperately needed to pause the impending October 1 increase in the minimum wage in Alberta until a thorough and independent analysis is completed and released in our province, says the United Conservative Party Official Opposition.

The analysis, completed by Ontario’s Financial Accountability Office, found:

  • The increase could result in an estimated 50,000 in net job losses
  • Job losses would most affect teens, young adults, and recent immigrants
  • Boosting the minimum wage is not an effective way to alleviate poverty
  • Only 27 per cent of the total gain in labour income from the higher minimum wage would be expected to benefit low-income families

United Conservative Party Labour Critic Glenn van Dijken said the latest report on minimum wage means Premier Notley needs to come clean with her own research on the topic.

“It’s astounding that the NDP government is forging ahead with their minimum wage increase without ever releasing analysis on what the increase will do to our economy and to job numbers,” van Dijken said. “Before any further increases to the minimum wage, the Premier must produce independent economic analysis that shows the true impact of the increase.”

Van Dijken said the NDP’s plan on minimum wage is yet another example of the government not understanding the consequences their policy will have on everyday Albertans, specifically Alberta’s youth.

“Albertans are sick and tired of the lack of consultation and lack of economic analysis behind the NDP’s decisions,” van Dijken said. “If the NDP government was a business they would have gone under long ago. That doesn’t mean they should be pushing the same fate on Alberta businesses.”