New Housing for Low-income Seniors in Calgary

A new affordable housing project in Calgary’s Temple community means more than 120 seniors with low income will have a safe and affordable home.

Minister Ricardo Miranda, representatives from Trinity Place Foundation and residents of the Temple community in Calgary celebrated the government’s $20-million contribution towards a new 120-unit affordable housing project.

The Government of Alberta is investing $20 million to provide 70 supportive housing units for people aged 55 and older who have trouble finding traditional housing and 50 apartments for seniors with low income.

“As the MLA for the growing and diverse community of Temple, I know affordable housing is a concern for my constituents. All seniors in Alberta should have a safe, affordable home and we know there is a critical need for this in Calgary. This project is an innovative solution that not only responds to the community’s needs, but is making life better for those who need it the most.”

~Ricardo Miranda, Minister of Culture and Tourism, MLA for Calgary-Cross

This project was a community effort. It will be built on the former St. George’s Anglican Church site. The new housing facility will be operated by Trinity Place Foundation of Alberta, and will specifically serve low-income seniors and those who have found it hard to find housing.

“We are thrilled with the investment the Government of Alberta is making in Trinity Place Foundation of Alberta’s Templemont project. This investment will provide low-income seniors the safe, comfortable and affordable housing they need and deserve.”

~Lawrence Braul, CEO, Trinity Place Foundation of Alberta

“There is a need for more affordable housing options for Calgary’s seniors. I am so pleased to see this project coming to the community of Temple.”

~Ray Jones, City of Calgary councillor for Ward 10

Quick facts

  • The total budget for this project is $35 million.
  • The Alberta government’s $20-million contribution is part of the $1.2-billion commitment in the Provincial Affordable Housing Strategy to develop a sustainable affordable housing system.
  • The RESOLVE campaign will contribute $4.7 million to the Templemont project.
  • Trinity Place Foundation is contributing $2 million in equity.