New Horizons Funding Keeps Seniors Engaged in Foothills

New Horizons Funding Keeps Seniors Engaged in Foothills

OTTAWA – John Barlow, Member of Parliament for Foothills, extends his congratulations to the 11 organizations that have been granted funding under the New Horizons for Seniors Program (NHSP).

“Seniors throughout our communities are mentors, teachers, volunteers and role models.  They contribute generously, building our communities, workplaces and most importantly our families.

“Every day, our seniors make a significant contribution to our community.  They give their time, their dedication and their hearts to the people and causes that are closest to them.

“More than $190,000 in funding has been granted to commendable groups across Foothills this year. This funding ensures seniors have the opportunity to participate and take an active leadership role within our community.

“I look forward to the many great projects and initiatives this funding will provide, and the opportunities it means for our deserving seniors.”

  • Foothills Special Needs Association for Parents and Siblings will receive $24,000 for Making Music in the Foothills program
  • High River Seniors Friendship Center receives $22,000 for replacing the roof and eaves troughs
  • Stavely Museum receives $4,000 to build new ramps to allow access to all seniors
  • Windsor Heritage Drop-In Centre receives $20,800 towards new chairs, computers and sound system equipment
  • Metis Local 1880 receives $24,000 for camps and gatherings so seniors can mentor the youth in traditions such as dance, canoeing, cooking, hunting & fishing
  • Oldman River Antique Equipment and Threshing Club receives $25,000 towards the Heritage Arts Program
  • York Creek Lodge receives $8,400 for a greenhouse to allow seniors to share their gardening knowledge and skills with children
  • Coleman Seniors Drop-In Centre Association receives $18,000 towards the Seniors on the Grow program
  • Town of Okotoks receives $25,000 for the Move and Groove café program
  • Coordinated Community Response to Elder Abuse receives $13,800 for an Elder Abuse Awareness and Education Project
  • Huddlestun Seniors receives $5,400 to upgrade their facilities