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New Docs Show Impact of Carbon Tax on Seniors’ Facilities and Non-profits: Wildrose

EDMONTON, AB:  Wildrose released new documents showing that under the NDP government’s carbon tax, housing management boards are hiking costs for residents, while non-profits, seniors’ facilities and social housing projects are struggling with rising costs they are not able to pass on.

The documents were obtained through a freedom of information request (FOIP). Several facilities are now charging $120 a year to residents to help deal with the rising costs, while others are being forced to eat the increased costs. With the carbon tax set to increase by 50 per cent this year, these costs will continue to rise year-over-year.

“Non-profits, charities and other facilities that provide supports to seniors and vulnerable Albertans are already feeling under pressure given Alberta’s economic downturn,” Wildrose Leader Brian Jean said. “This carbon tax from the NDP is just making things worse, all to pay for things like sweetheart contracts to Ontario companies to install taxpayer-funded light bulbs. The NDP should repeal the carbon tax immediately.”

In a letter sent to the Seniors and Housing Minister Lori Sigurdson last September, Luanne Whitmarsh, CEO of the Kerby Centre, said the effects of the carbon tax will be “devastating to many non-profit organizations across our province.”

The only advice from the minister was to encourage facilities to become more energy efficient.

Organizations like the Calgary Food Bank are expecting to see their costs rise by $31,000 as a direct result of the carbon tax in 2018.

Wildrose Shadow Seniors, Housing & Mental Health Minister Mark Smith said many organizations across Alberta providing direct support to Albertans are suffering as a direct result of NDP government policies.

“These facilities and non-profits operate on extraordinarily tight margins to provide supports and assistance to Albertans who need it,” Smith said. “This carbon tax and other NDP policies are cold-hearted and should immediately be reversed.”

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