New Construction to Rev Up Reynolds-Alberta Museum

Alberta’s top vintage vehicle destination, Reynolds-Alberta Museum, is shifting into high gear with a new addition to its collections facilities.

Noel Ratch, executive director of Reynolds-Alberta Museum, Deputy Premier Sarah Hoffman and Bruce Hinkley, MLA for Wetaskiwin-Camrose at the Reynolds-Alberta Museum.

Through Capital Plan 2017, the Government of Alberta is investing in the construction of a new collections facility at the museum that will help it expand its ability to protect and preserve hundreds of irreplaceable artifacts that represent Alberta’s transportation and technological heritage.

“The Reynolds museum is an important attraction for families, tourists and school children learning about Alberta’s transportation and industrial heritage. This investment will help continue to attract even more visitors, grow rural tourism and create jobs.”

Ricardo Miranda, Minister of Culture and Tourism

Current collections space at the facility has reached capacity due to the Reynolds-Alberta Museum’s success and international reputation for its unique artifacts and displays.

“This new museum facility is part of the historic investment in public infrastructure. Through Capital Plan 2017, we’re continuing to ensure that all Albertans will be able to discover and explore our shared heritage at facilities like the Reynolds-Alberta Museum for generations to come.”

Brian Mason, Minister of Infrastructure

“This investment will allow the museum to continue its unique work and honours the legacy of Alberta visionary Stan Reynolds and many others in their commitment to preserve and share Alberta’s transportation history.”

Sarah Hoffman, Deputy Premier

Visitors will be able to view the new collections storage facility once it is built.

Reynolds-Alberta Museum is a key heritage tourism attraction for the province, attracting 40,000 visitors per year. The new facility will create short- and long-term employment and diversify our economy.

Quick facts

  • Funding of $39.5 million will be provided over three years.
  • The project is in the initial planning phases to finalize details, including the size of the new facility (estimated to be between 9,000 and 10,000 square metres) and construction timelines. This information will be confirmed once a design consultant has been chosen.
  • It is expected construction will begin in the next 12 months. The museum will remain open to the public throughout the construction period.


The Reynolds-Alberta Museum, in Wetaskiwin, interprets the impact of technological change in transportation, aviation, agriculture and industry from the 1890s to the present.

Currently, the museum collection contains more than 6,400 artifacts, including a wide variety of vintage automobiles, trucks, motorcycles, bicycles, aircraft, tractors, agricultural implements and industrial equipment.

Reynolds-Alberta Museum is one of 20 provincially owned and operated historic sites and museums across Alberta.