New Car is a Visual Reminder of Okotoks’ Commitment to Sustainability

The Town of Okotoks is making a visual statement about its commitment to fostering sustainable practices by wrapping its new hybrid car with images that reflect current environmental initiatives.

IMG_2578[1] “The vehicle wrap adds a visual reminder of how Okotoks is incorporating environmental practices throughout the community,” said Stefan Martensson, interim environment and sustainability coordinator. “We are taking the message on the road that Okotoks is a leader in environmental stewardship.”

The car itself offers the latest evolution in hybrid technology. It’s a Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV), powered by electricity for in-town use and can convert to gasoline for longer trips or when more speed is required.

The car has been wrapped with a series of animated illustrations that highlight environmental practices already in place within the community.  Solar panels in the background signify elements of renewable energy found throughout town.

Recycling logos have replaced leaves on the images of trees, giving a nod to the sustainable waste management practices the Town has implemented and to a greater vision for green living, while the river winding through the graphic reminds viewers of the importance of stewarding water resources.

Environmental stewardship is a guiding principle in the Community Sustainability Plan,” said Martensson. “Adding graphics to a vehicle that uses the latest hybrid technology is a visual reminder of how Okotoks is fulfilling this vision.”

The car provides an economical alternative for staff who need to travel between Town facilities or attend out of town meetings.