NDP Speculation on Rewriting Decades Old Power Contracts Bad News for Alberta: Macintyre

EDMONTON, AB: For the sake of Alberta’s economy, the NDP government needs to clearly state it will not set a dangerous precedent by rewriting old power agreements through legislation, Wildrose Shadow Electricity & Renewables Minister Don MacIntyre said.

Despite clear evidence the government had been made aware of a change-in-law provision allowing power companies to transfer their contracts to the province’s balancing pool, the government doubled-down on its agenda to raise the carbon tax for heavy emitters and accelerate the shutdown of coal power across Alberta.

In Question Period and responding to questions from reporters this week, Premier Rachel Notley refused to rule out using this heavy-handed tactic that would send a chill throughout Alberta’s economy and investment community.

“The NDP government decided to implement policies that they knew would raise power prices and are now trying to rewrite a law to punish Alberta power companies,” MacIntyre said. “This is unprecedented and each day speculation grows about the government trying to break contracts and change the rules, further damage will be done to Alberta’s power market and our economy.”

MacIntyre said if the NDP government really cared about protecting Albertans from rising power prices, they wouldn’t have raised the carbon tax on emitters, announced an advanced shut down of coal and put forward plans to completely overhaul Alberta’s electricity grid.

“The NDP government’s ideological agenda is bad news for families and seniors on fixed incomes who are hoping for stability and affordable power bills,” MacIntyre said. “They only have themselves to blame for this bad situation and it will leave Albertans picking up the tab.”