NDP Should Release Their Full Economic Impact Study of Carbon Tax After Notley Claims: Wildrose

EDMONTON, AB: The NDP government needs to release its full economic impact analysis of the carbon tax after Premier Rachel Notley claimed NDP policies won’t do further damage to Alberta’s hurting economy, the Wildrose Official Opposition said.

An internal NDP government document leaked in June showed the government’s carbon tax would mean a GDP drop of 1.5 per cent, a decline in oil exports, a $4 billion drop in household income and 15,000 Alberta jobs disappearing. The NDP government has repeatedly failed to produce any evidence to contradict these claims.

“Premier Notley is either intentionally misleading Albertans or is oblivious to the dramatic consequences several of her NDP government’s policies are having on the lives of working families right across this province,” Wildrose Leader Brian Jean said. “Making it more expensive for families to drop their kids off at school, for farmers to grow our food or for charities to take care of our most vulnerable is simply bad economic policy. The NDP government needs to release their full economic analysis of the carbon tax so Albertans know the true costs.”

The Wildrose has repeatedly called on the government to hold a referendum on the carbon tax before it comes into effect this January.

“The NDP government is scaring investment away from Alberta with massive new tax increases, a new carbon tax and by waging expensive legal battles against Alberta power companies,” Wildrose Shadow Energy Minister Leela Aheer said. “These policies are hurting the livelihoods of families right across this province and it’s time the NDP be honest with Albertans about the full costs of their risky economic agenda.”