NDP Rejects Common-Sense Motion From the UCP Caucus to Renegotiate the Equalization Formula

EDMONTON AB – Tuesday, the NDP government rejected another common-sense motion from the United Conservative Party (UCP) caucus that called on the NDP to begin preparations for the renegotiation of Canada’s equalization formula, which begins in 2019.

Following Question Period, UCP Opposition Leader, Jason Nixon, sought unanimous consent to introduce the following common-sense motion:

Be it resolved that the Legislative Assembly urge the Government to immediately begin aggressive preparations for the 2018-19 equalization renegotiations and update this Assembly on those preparations. 
The NDP blocked this motion without hesitation, and is consistent with the NDP’s unwillingness to defend Alberta against the Trudeau Liberals. Last week, the NDP blocked a similar motion that would have called on the government to defend the province’s energy sector from job-killing regulations and jurisdictional overreach through the National Energy Board.

“Once again, this NDP refuses to defend our province in any capacity. We have the Trudeau Liberals who have no problem taking money from Albertans, but they deny the very source of that same revenue: prosperity generated through Alberta’s oil and gas sector,” said Nixon. “We want to enter the equalization renegotiations from a position of strength, but the NDP is clearly unprepared for this.”

The equalization formula is due for review in 2019. During the renegotiation period, provinces will be able to propose reforms to the formula.

“This ideological NDP can’t bring themselves to challenge their friends in the Trudeau Liberals. The Premier went into the witness protection program after Energy East was cancelled because of the federal government’s regulatory overreach. And now, the NDP is positioning itself to fold like a cheap suit when the equalization formula comes up for renegotiation.”