NDP Refuses to Focus on Alberta’s Priorities

EDMONTON, AB: Friday, the NDP rejected yet another common-sense motion that would make it clear to Albertans that their government truly does have their backs when it comes to the Trudeau Liberals’ sustained attacks on Alberta’s economy.

This afternoon UCP Opposition Leader Jason Nixon sought unanimous consent of the Legislative Assembly to introduce the following common-sense motion:

Be it resolved that the Legislative Assembly urge the Government to immediately develop a coordinated strategy responding to the Government of Canada’s recent policies that detrimentally affect Alberta, including, but not limited to, the proposed amendments to income tax legislation that impact small business and its position regarding the assessment of upstream emissions that encroaches on Alberta’s constitutional jurisdiction with respect to the development of Alberta’s natural resources.

For the third time in as many weeks, the NDP used their majority to block this motion, proving once again that this NDP government is absolutely unwilling to stand up to Justin Trudeau’s ongoing attacks on Alberta and our economy.

“By rejecting this motion, the NDP is once again saying that they’d rather be a lapdog to Justin Trudeau instead of a watchdog on Ottawa,” said Nixon. “In fact, the only time the NDP has stood up for Alberta is when Ottawa threatened to cut into the NDP’s marijuana revenues. It’s clear this NDP has no focus, and is completely incapable of defending Albertans.”

Over the summer, the NDP was completely silent when the Trudeau Liberals launched their tax attack on small business owners and farmers, which included labelling these Albertans as “tax cheats”. The NDP was also silent when the Liberals killed two Alberta pipelines: Northern Gateway and Energy East.

“While hundreds of thousands of Albertans remain unemployed, tens of billions in capital investment flees the province, and thousands of businesses are forced to close their doors, this NDP government appears only willing to fight when the federal government threatens to take away their planned marijuana windfall. It’s time for the NDP to stop selling Albertans out to their Liberal friends in Ottawa, and finally start defending all sectors of Alberta’s economy,” concluded Nixon.