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NDP Policy Forces CBE to Consider Damaging Front Line Cuts

EDMONTON, AB: More unintended consequences from the NDP government’s school fees reduction legislation have emerged, as the Calgary Board of Education (CBE) revealed it is contemplating laying off up to 48 support staff, including educational assistants, librarians and lunchroom supervisors. 

These potential cuts stand in direct contrast to the repeated NDP government promises of preserving front line services. 

“Front line staff like educational assistants are critical to student success and reports that these and other support staff positions could be eliminated are very disturbing,” said United Conservative Party Caucus Education critic Leela Aheer. “While the NDP has vowed not to cut front line positions, the CBE is now saying that reductions to front-line staff may be coming. This is yet another unintended consequence of poorly-thought-out NDP policy.” 

In June, Calgary parents were blindsided with proposed transportation policy changes that will see costs skyrocket and bell times modified. This has caused families to pull their children from alternative programs, proving this NDP policy is not making life better for many Albertans. 

“The NDP passed Bill 1 without any plan to support school boards through this shift. Now the CBE is looking to the front lines to make up their funding shortfall and our kids will suffer as a result,” said Aheer. “The NDP government has repeatedly pledged to protect front line services for Albertans yet at every turn their policies disproportionately affect the most vulnerable among us. This NDP government must rethink its school fees policy with the best interests of students in mind.”

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