NDP Policies Responsible as Saskatchewan Set to Surpass Alberta in Drilling Activity: Wildrose

EDMONTON, AB: With Saskatchewan set to overtake Alberta in oil and gas drilling activity next year, the NDP government must repeal its bad economic policies that are pushing investment and jobs out of the province, the Wildrose Official Opposition said.

According to a forecast from the Petroleum Services Association of Canada, Saskatchewan will outperform Alberta in wells drilled in 2017. According to the story, Saskatchewan is providing a “more attractive environment for investors.”

Wildrose Leader Brian Jean said the NDP government’s policies are doing more to incent job creation outside the province than in it.

“The NDP needs to recognize that many of its economic policies just aren’t working to create investment or jobs, and are only serving to create instability,” Jean said. “If the NDP is serious about kick-starting business and job growth, and getting us off this path to nowhere, it can start by immediately repealing some of its most damaging policies, particularly the carbon tax, which was never campaigned on.”

A Fraser Institute survey conducted last December found that among 126 worldwide energy jurisdictions, Alberta’s perception among oil and gas investors had fallen from 16 to 38.

“It’s troubling that despite our sound record on innovation, human rights and environmental protection, we’re losing our reputation as a top energy jurisdiction to do business in, even among our Canadian counterparts. What’s most troubling, however, is that these plummeting numbers represent jobs for families,” Wildrose Shadow Energy Minister Leela Aheer said. “This downward trend is unlikely to change unless the NDP shows some political will to get our province back on track.”