NDP Policies Are Hurting Not Helping Headquarter Attraction: Panda

EDMONTON, AB:  Wildrose Shadow Economic Development and Trade Minister Prasad Panda issued the following statement regarding NDP policies driving away investment in Alberta:

“If the NDP government was truly committed to attracting headquarters and investment to Alberta, they would stop introducing damaging policies that devastate investor confidence like waging legal battles with power companies, raising business taxes by 20 per cent and introducing a new $3 billion carbon tax all while downtown Calgary office vacancy rates climb.

“Recently, we have seen companies like Agrium move their head office from Alberta, and others close down while specifically citing NDP policy as a reason to do soCalgary’s downtown office vacancy rate topped 21 per cent just last month.

“The NDP government needs to focus on implementing common sense solutions to create jobs and investor confidence, like those outlined in the Wildrose Jobs Action Plan.”