NDP Electricity Policy Hurting Albertans, Scaring Away Investment: UCP

EDMONTON, AB: UCP Electricity Critic Don MacIntyre today released the following statement regarding a new report obtained by the Calgary Herald and by the UCP that reiterates the damage the NDP is doing to Alberta with its ill-conceived and uninformed electricity policies:

“The NDP government’s actions on the electricity file, including a complete misunderstanding of Power Purchase Arrangements (PPAs), have directly placed our province in the position it is in today, having scared away investment and created the potential for higher costs for consumers.

Documents obtained by our office prove the Minister of Energy has been continually and consistently advised by her own department, by the Balancing Pool, by outside experts, and by industry how best to minimize the financial damage her government has caused the taxpayers of Alberta.

“In the face of overwhelming and consistent advice from experts on the subject, the Energy Minister has refused to listen to common sense, and Albertans are paying the price.

“The result? Up to $338 million added to the already mountainous pile of debt this government is creating. This is less money going to the services Albertans need, and all because of a refusal for the NDP to admit they were in over their heads when it came to PPAs.

“If this was a business, the Energy Minister would have long ago been fired.”